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Independence Day Reflections: The Fight for Premium Tobacco

We’ve been busy in the store and online this week as people stop in to gather “essential supplies” for their 4th of July gatherings.  It seems fitting to honor this holiday that celebrates our nation’s independence from British rule (and tyranny in the form of taxation), with current information on the cigar and pipe industry’s […]

An Historic Decision: The Premium Cigar Industry vs. the FDA


On Wednesday, August 9th, we learned of an historic decision regarding the premium cigar industry vs. the FDA.  Judge Amit Mehta from the United States District Court for the District of Columbia vacated the FDA’s Deeming Rule as it pertains to handmade premium cigars, ending the FDA’s ability to regulate premium cigars in its entirety. […]

United In The Fight:

“I have never been fearful of taxes… But what I am fearful of is prohibition.” — Carlito Fuente Walking into Georgetown Tobacco is an experience of the senses. First you’re greeted by a distinct and pleasant aroma unique to our store.  It’s what brings back happy memories for so many who walk through our door. […]

Survey Says? – With an Introduction to the Premium Cigar Association

Premium Cigar Association

Each year, we attend the Premium Cigar Association (PCA) annual tradeshow.  Founded in 1933 as the Retail Tobacco Dealers Association, the PCA is the “leading authority and advocate for the premium cigar and pipe retailer industry.” As members of the Premium Cigar Association for over 50 years, we are proud to support our trade association […]