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The Art of the Cigar Band

Cigar Band Art

You’re at Georgetown Tobacco, choosing a cigar from among the hundreds we offer.  You consider the cigar’s vitola (is it right for my body size?  will it last for an entire round of golf?), its flavor and strength (Dominican?  Nicaraguan?  Ligero?  Volado?), the wrapper color (natural? maduro?), and maybe you give it a gentle pinch […]

59th Anniversary Issue: The Boom and Beyond

Cigar Boom- David Berkebile

“My Sicilian mother stopped asking me when I was going to get a “real job” and started telling her friends that her son worked in the cigar industry.” That was how Georgetown Tobacco Vice President Walter Gorski recalls the impact of the mid-90s “Cigar Boom.” In 1992, Cigar Aficionado was first published, bringing the joy […]

59th Anniversary Issue: How It All Began…

In March of 1964 the first Mustang rolled off the Ford assembly line. The Beatles were taking America by storm with “I Want to Hold Your Hand.”  With so many Mustangs on the road today (probably even playing The Beatles on Spotify) perhaps it’s kismet that something else very special and with real staying power […]

The Caucus Brief- Presidents’ Day Edition

Presidents' Day Banner

Because of our proximity to the White House and all things American History here in the nation’s capital, we take special delight in this week’s “Caucus Brief”, underscoring not just Presidents who smoked cigars but two particular Chief Executives who found time during very busy schedules to value private, special moments with a cigar. For […]

“A Spiritual Delight…” – Paul Garmirian Cigars

Regular readers of “The Caucus Brief” will know that our top ranked cigar for 2022 was the Paul Garmirian (P.G.) Gourmet Series Lonsdale (rolled in 2012). What you may not know is that Georgetown Tobacco’s relationship with Paul Garmirian dates back to 1965, when a dashing young Armenian was conducting post-graduate work at Catholic University.  […]

Rare and Wonderful: Limited Editions

Davidoff Signature No. 1

When dealing in fine art, cars, wines or vintage spirits, limited editions are prized for their rarity and beauty. It’s no different in our industry, where many cigar manufacturers and makers of luxury accessories create limited editions that become highly sought after, often selling out soon after they’ve reached our store unless we put a […]

Go Bold! A Curated Selection…

Bold Picks

There are some cigars you just know are going to make you stand up and take notice before they’ve even been lit.  Their wrappers are often (but not always!) dark and oily, their aroma calling to you even from beneath the cellophane. What exactly makes a cigar “bold?” Does that mean it’s spicy? Full-bodied? Strong? […]