The Ultimate Wedding Guide: Cigars and Gifts

Ultimate Guide to Weddings: Cigars and Gifts

Special occasions call for special cigars, and what occasion is more special than a wedding? In the U.S., over 6,000 people get married every day.  With Spring upon us, wedding season has already kicked off and over the next few months you’ll likely either be in, or invited to, one of these very special events. Congratulations!  If you know anyone getting married this year, please pass this along to help them as they plan!

When planning a wedding, there are so many details to consider. We’re taking the stress out of this aspect of planning with our ultimate wedding guide to choosing the right cigars, when to buy them, and also reviewing some of the most popular choices for fine gifts for the bridal party and family.

Cigar Selection: 

1. How many will you need?  Even when one of our staff members has gotten married, not everyone at the wedding smoked cigars.  That said, people love to celebrate and join in the fun.  Don’t be surprised if your Great-Aunt Ginny (who has never touched a cigar in her life) wants to try one on the big day— especially after the cocktail hour. Plan on having more available than the number of people you “think” will smoke. Cigars generally come in boxes of 20-25 cigars, and of course if there are any cigars left over (there won’t be), they can be preserved in a humidor or just a simple ziplock bag with a Boveda pack.

2. What size cigar should we choose? Many guests will like to mingle, and unless your wedding is entirely outdoors, most people won’t want to be tied to a long cigar that keeps them away from the dance floor or the cutting of the cake. Choose cigars generally 5″ or less in length— those who want to smoke longer will have a second one and there’s nothing more sad than seeing ashtrays filled with Churchill length cigars that have only had a few puffs taken from them (remember Great-Aunt Ginny?).

3. When should we buy the cigars? Whether it’s for the bachelor/bachelorette party or for the wedding itself, keep in mind that cigars need to be humidified to stay fresh.  With the addition of a simple Boveda pack and a ziplock bag, you can purchase the cigars up to two months before the wedding.  No one needs to be running around the day before the wedding to get cigars anymore, though they are best cared for by us so if you feel comfortable waiting until closer to the actual day, please do.

4. Which cigars are the best? That will depend on your guests and on what is right for your budget.  Given the number of people who generally only smoke on special occasions, we recommend choosing a mild cigar that will please the majority and also having a smaller selection of more medium to full-bodied cigars for those who regularly enjoy a cigar.

The average price of a cigar today is $12, and all of our boxes with more than 20 cigars include a 10 percent discount in the box price.  It all depends on what’s right for you, and we can help guide you through those choices.

Pictured above are a few of our wedding favorites: Ashton Classic Magnum, Davidoff Signature 2000, Arturo Fuente Chateau Natural, Rocky Patel White Label Robusto, Arturo Fuente Short Story… and for the “special stash”- the Padron 1926 Sampler in Maduro and the Davidoff Aniversario Special T Four Pack.  These are just a few of many great options from which to choose. If you want something very “D.C.,” the Georgetown Tobacco Caucus Corona is a perfect choice.

5. How should we display them? One of the beautiful things about cigars are the boxes they come in.  Simply opening a box (or a few) on a table near the bar or wherever smoking is allowed is very appealing.  They could also be laid out on a tray, but the boxes will provide more protection.

6. What else will we need? It will be a good idea to have a few inexpensive cigar cutters available and plenty of matches or a few torch lighters. Check with the venue to make sure that ashtrays will be available and preferably cigar ashtrays.  Depending on your aesthetic, you may want to supply your own ashtrays to the venue.

Gift Guide:

When buying gifts for the wedding party, the bride or groom or a future in-law, there are a few things to consider:

1. Lead Time: Do you want to choose individual gifts that reflect everyone’s unique personality, or would you like to give everyone the same gift in the same style?  If it’s the latter, the sooner you can shop for those gifts, the better, to make sure we have enough in stock.  With 3-4 weeks of lead time, we can generally get any item special ordered in quantity (and often sooner, but don’t leave it to chance).

2. What gifts do you recommend? For those who smoke cigars, and those who don’t, there are seemingly endless choices and all of these have options for every budget:

    • Cigar Cutters– most people opt for double-bladed guillotine cutters, but V-cuts are gaining in popularity
    • Lighters- wind-resistant torches are the most popular, though soft flame lighters are more reliable and long-lasting
    • Cigar Cases- a cigar case filled with 3 cigars makes a great gift to hand out at the bachelor/bachelorette party
    • Cufflinks– this is a great opportunity to select something that speaks to each individual’s personality
    • Stud Sets–  whether you want the wedding party to match or anyone in a tux to stand out, we have some very cool options
    • Flasks– timeless, classy and perhaps slightly dangerous— it all depends on to whom you’re giving them
    • Humidors a less common choice, but a great way to say thank you or congratulations to someone special

Like with any gift, this is your chance to say, ” Thank you! We truly appreciate everything you’ve done for us.” No matter what you choose, they’re sure to love it because it came from you.

We wish nothing but the very best for the happy couple, and look forward to working with you soon!