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Dunhill Standard Pipes Dunhill pipes are created in 35 classical shapes ranging in bowl size from Group 1 through Group 6, XL and XXL. The four digit code Dunhill uses to classify their pipes indicates the following:
  • Digit 1: Size (Groups 1-6, XL, XXL)
  • Digit 2: Mouthpiece (Taper, Saddle, Bent Taper, etc.)
  • Digits 3 & 4: Shape (i.e. 02 = Bent, 05 = Dublin)
  • Finishes Include: Amber Root, Bruyere, Cumberland, County, Dress, Chestnut, Root Briar, Rubybark, Shell Briar and Tanshell
See the Dunhill Shape Chart here.  
Alfred Dunhill's the White Spot