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elie bleu humidors

Made in Paris, France, Elie Bleu humidors are works of art with the best seal on the market.  You can hear their tell-tale "whoosh" sound as you close each piece.  To call them special is an understatement: these are made to be appreciated for generations to come.

It takes 4-6 months and the work of over 35 craftsmen to create each humidor.  Depending on the series, the exteriors are made with either hand-tinted sycamore in vibrant colors, or rare and timeless wood veneers sourced globally.  Many feature intricate marquetry and elegant design attributes.

The interior of each Elie Bleu humidor uses sweet Spanish cedar that has been planed to a satin smoothness.  French humidifiers, Swiss hinges and German hygrometers heighten the aesthetic and functionality of each humidor.

We carry a wide assortment of Elie Bleu humidors including limited edition pieces, the Medals series, the Alba series and the timeless Classic collection.