Viva Italia! Italian Craftsmanship and the Pipe

Italian Pipes

Viva Italia!

When one thinks of Milan Italy, the first thing that comes to mind might be Alfa Romeo cars, the fashion houses of Armani or Prada, or perhaps the famed opera performed at La Scala.

The fabric that weaves all of these together is the level of perfection involved in Italian craftsmanship. And to a tobacconist, nothing demonstrates this more than the Italian craftsmanship in pipe carving.

Here at Georgetown Tobacco, we have carried numerous examples of the Italian style over our 58 years from Venetian masks, Borsalino hats, Visconti pens to pipes( Savinelli, Ser Jacapo, il Ceppo, Viprati, Castello, and Radice to name a few).

We have carried Savinelli since our inception as they offer the widest variety of Italian briar pipes to suit all tastes. The Savinelli story dates to the late 1870’s when Achille Savinelli opened their first shop near the Piazza Duomo, where it still stands today.

Savinelli uses only Italian briar in their products which follow a multi-step carving process and a manual application of stain for the final finishing.  Most come with either a 6 or 9 mm balsa wood filter system.

We carry an extensive collection of Savinelli pipes, as well as a few beautiful unsmoked Italian estate pipes.

We are certain you’ll appreciate these demonstrations of Italian craftsmanship as much as we do!