He’s Making a List and Checking it Twice… Brizard & Co. Accessories

Brizard & Co. Accessories

Santa isn’t the only one making a list.  Whether you’re shopping for friends, relatives or colleagues, if you have a cigar or pipe smoker in your life, you’re in luck: The options are truly endless to find something that will make them smile and we are here to help!

We’re proud to have extensive depth and breadth in cigars, pipes and especially at this time of year, accessories.  One manufacturer specializing in premium accessories that truly stands out is Brizard & Co. The photo above is just a small sample of what Brizard has to offer. 

Like our favorite premium cigar manufacturers, Cyril Brizard is known for his attention to detail and quality control. Creating exquisite accessories in his Southern California factory, Cyril combines an artist’s eye and a cigar smoker’s insight that result in exceptional designs.

For example, Brizard & Co. have three different cutter styles from which to choose: Double Guillotine, the “V” and the Trilogy. The Trilogy in particular is unique to Brizard. Rather than a traditional punch cutter, the Trilogy is a narrow double-bladed spear. The idea is to create three holes in the shape of a triangle at the head of your cigar. It’s elegant, it’s different, and perhaps the perfect stocking stuffer for someone who has everything.

For all of Brizard & Co.’s products, only the finest exotic woods or genuine leathers are used. With so many options, you could easily cover the holidays, birthdays and anniversaries to complete a set, or wow someone with the whole package!