“Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire…” Gift Shopping Guide


Georgetown is never prettier than during the holidays. M St. lampposts are adorned with wreaths, each building is outlined in glowing white bulbs, and eager shoppers dart from stores and cafes. The picture above from the Georgetown Business Improvement District captures the spirit beautifully.

You’re bound to hear Nat King Cole’s famous words at some point… About as often as our staff hear a different oft repeated refrain: “My (fill in the blank) loves cigars (or smokes a pipe), but I have no idea what they like. What should I get them???”

Here are a few questions we ask to guide the way…

1. How often do they smoke?

This helps us understand if your loved one is an occasional smoker who would best be served by something mild or aromatic, or an aficionado who would appreciate a more robust selection.

2. Do you know how long they like to smoke for?

For some, smoking during the winter means a fervent walk around the block with the dog while others have the opportunity to relax indoors with friends and a cocktail. Knowing the atmosphere in which your recipient will enjoy your gifts helps us dial in on what size pipe or cigar is appropriate.

3. Something to enjoy in the moment, or for many moments to come?

The tobacco enthusiast’s world is one of endless choices. We can never have “too many” of anything, really. Even if we already have a certain pipe or cigar accessory, we can always use another. And of course, consumables like cigars and pipe tobacco mean they’ll need to be restocked. Think about whether you’d like to gift something lasting, or provide that opportunity for a special memory created in a moment of time.

Of course, the more insight we have into someone’s preferences (like brands, photos of cigar labels or pipes), the better we can guide each shopper. The holidays also afford us the opportunity to treat someone to something they’d never get for themselves.

If you’re the lucky recipient, please know that right now your friends and family are coming into our store and others like it. It might be time to plant some helpful seeds 😉