Rare and Wonderful: Limited Editions

Davidoff Signature No. 1

When dealing in fine art, cars, wines or vintage spirits, limited editions are prized for their rarity and beauty.

It’s no different in our industry, where many cigar manufacturers and makers of luxury accessories create limited editions that become highly sought after, often selling out soon after they’ve reached our store unless we put a limit on them.  Oh, the irony!

The latest example is the historic re-release of the classic Davidoff Signature No. 1.  Arriving this week, what is it about this and other limited editions that make them so special?

If you think about the intricacies of making handmade premium cigars, from soil to seed, from plant to fermentation, it’s understandable how the process lends itself to creating special editions available only in limited quantities.  For example, an unusual growing season with unique weather conditions can lead to a particularly great crop of tobacco. It may lack the yield necessary to roll a vast number of cigars, or be too difficult to recreate with consistency.

Those precious leaves, in the hands of a master blender, can be assembled to create something magnificent that will only happen once.  It’s like the very essence of cigar smoking:  each experience captures a unique moment in time which cannot be recreated.

This week, Davidoff will launch a limited edition that is truly special in that it allows us to re-experience an old friend, the classic Signature No. 1.  A beautiful panetela larga with a pigtail cap, the No. 1 was a shape Zino Davidoff introduced in Cuba in 1969, causing quite a stir in the cigar world at the time.  Davidoff continued the line after their move to the Dominican Republic in 1991 until it was eventually discontinued (perhaps as more and more Americans gravitated to larger ring gauges).

Now we all have the chance to experience that history, but of course, for a limited time. Only 5,000 10-count boxes were made and these will no doubt sell out quickly.  Davidoff is synonymous with quality, and with good reason:  they are the perfect blend of “Caribbean passion and Swiss precision.”

Of the 225,000 seeds that come from a single tobacco plant, only 10% make it through Davidoff’s strict quality control. Each leaf is weighed before it is rolled to ensure that each blend has the same amount of ingredients. Those chosen to roll White Label cigars must have a minimum of 10 years of experience. The final result is exceptional, and we know that every time you cut and light a Davidoff it will have flawless construction, a perfect draw and a consistency other companies strive to achieve.  It gives you confidence in your purchase, and we have no doubt the Signature No. 1 will exemplify these standards.